Middle School Camp is in Full Swing!

We have sent out invitations, so look for your’s coming soon in the mail.

Our theme this year is ‘The X Factor’ and there will be many things to do.  We will be staying on the campus of Xavier University and also have a tour at the university of Cincinnati.

Multiple ‘Factor’s’ will happen to win an overall grand prize for your group.  So first things first, you will be divided into groups and the group with the most points will win the prize at the end of the week.

How do you get these points?? There will be many chances for your group to grab as many points as possible such as Breakout Cincinnati – the team that breaks out with the fastest time will get the most points, Extreme Frisbee, Dodge ball at the Trampoline Park and other field day games!

We will also embark on a ghost tour, learn how to use chopsticks and eat dinner on a Dinner Cruise and so much more!

Hope you will be able to join us for ‘The X Factor’ ETS STYLE!


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